Our Nonprofit Supports Women Owned Businesses (WOB).

We Help WOB Grow With Technology.


Welcome to Tech123, a nonprofit organization on a mission to help women entrepreneurs get to their next level with the help of technology and automation.

We are a team of passionate, impact-driven entrepreneurs who are looking to share our knowledge, experiences, and business resources to help your business THRIVE!

We believe that technology can be used to take your business to the next level, where you can earn more revenue, change more lives, and help more people find the solutions that can empower them.

We help emerging entrepreneurs and startups learn how to incorporate social media and digital marketing strategies to boost their revenue, increase awareness and propel to new levels.

We welcome you to contact us to discover how we can help you get the right resources you need to grow your business in a profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable manner.


Make More Revenue.  

Change More Lives.

You are a woman on a mission to change lives.

We want to help you reach thousands more.


Spread Your Wings.

We are committed to your business. 

We are committed to our economy. 

We are committed to our community. 

We believe that small businesses, especially women owned businesses, do not have the resources they need to succeed, which is why tens of thousands of women are still stuck in corporate careers where their God given talents and skills are not being fully developed and utilized. 

We want to help you spread your wings.

We are on a mission to ensure you can reach your full potential with technology and automation. 

Make more money, hire more people, be more successful, give back more, change more lives, and also take yourself to levels that you’ve never imagined through your business.

Are you ready to fly?



It all start with an audit of your website to examine your content, determine your message, and develop a growth strategy.

We are going to examine how you can leverage Google Ads to increase awareness and publicity of your business.

Instagram is one of the most powerful social platforms in the world, which can be controlled through Facebook Ads. Learn it, implement it, grow with it.

Facebook Ads are incredibly powerful and can allow you to pinpoint your audience with a high degree of accuracy. Use it in your business for instant growth.


We work on the way you attract clients, convert them on your website, and turn them into engaged and ready-to-convert customers. We will start by analyzing your website and examine your marketing objectives so they are aligned.


We are going to work on creating a Google Ad campaign that you can immediately put into effect. Google is one of the largest, most robust, and most powerful digital platforms in the world, which you, as a business owner, needs to tap into. Used correctly, it can be a goldmine for your business.


Used correctly, Facebook Ads can be a real game-changer for your organization. We can help you learn how you can easily create really effective and profitable Facebook Ads.


Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is one of the most visited apps in the world. Use it to reach millions of people who can engage with your business.



One way to increase the number of leads you generate to your business is to host workshops, events, and seminars.

Another good way to develop a following and generate more leads is to create a podcast, or courses or programs. Educate people and generate more sales by developing yourself as a trusted resources in the real estate community.