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Social Entrepreneurship is the philosophy where entrepreneurs are using their businesses to solve problems in the community, drive change in their industry, and dedicate a portion of their revenue or resources to advance humanity. 

It's the new business model that is enabling entrepreneurs to build and manage socially conscious businesses by incorporating educational, environmental, or philanthropic initiatives into their core business model.

Our mission is to help women live their purpose, realize their passions, and break financial and entrepreneurial barriers through social entrepreneurship.

Social Entrepreneurship:

The New Business Model™


1. Social Entrepreneurship works in any industry: apparel, aviation, accounting, bankruptcy, coaching, consulting, computer science, insurance, dental, medical, holistic alternatives, law, spirituality, meditation, yoga, music, veteran services or almost anything else in between. If you are motivated and inspired by impact, and want to change lives, then this model works.

2. You can create and sell diverse commercial assets: from online services, courses, programs, workshops, training sessions, masterminds, and books, to merchandise, products or apparel. You can be involved in almost any activities that a for-profit is involved in, and perhaps more. This is a corporation, and needs to be run and managed like one.

3. You can tap into a much more diversified funding pool: as an educational, charitable, social, or philanthropic corporation, you can qualify to receive free funding in the form of grants and donations to capitalize your business (imagine what you can do with roughly $100,000 or more in free money to launch, grow & scale). Many grant programs are simply not available to for-profits, which is another unique benefits enjoyed by nonprofit corporations.

4. You can earn revenue, have a deeper impact, and get involved in philanthropic initiatives: your nonprofit corporation can develop, create, launch, and sell almost any product or services that you can through a for-profit (there are no limitations as long as it's legal and ethical). If your core mission is "educate" and "empower", you can do almost anything that would directly advance your cause. 

5. You can qualify for exclusive opportunities that are not open to for-profit organizations: nonprofit organizations enjoy a special status and can qualify to receive a range of grants, donations, technology products, and even real estate!

6. You can receive real estate donations: Yes - "charitable giving of real estate" exists (getting property donated to your nonprofit organization to further a cause). Imagine receiving property donated to your nonprofit organization that can be re-designed to house Veterans, or made into a kid's and women's education center, or a job and technical trade-school for prisoners getting out of correctional facilities. 

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