Google Ad Grants For 501(c)(3) Nonprofits.

Learn how you can secure $10,000 in free ad credits from Google to increase awareness and spread your mission.

If you are a nonprofit organization that’s registered as a 501(c)(3), you may be able to secure a grant of $10,000 each and every month.

Free grants to help you spread your nonprofit’s mission.

We are one of the only nonprofit organizations that offer this unique educational and consulting services to other nonprofit organizations, especially in the areas of technology and growth.

We want to see nonprofit organizations thrive, not just survive. 

We understand how to go about the process of securing a Google Ad Grant for your nonprofit organization and want to help you secure your grants from Google For Nonprofits as well. 


  • How you can pinpoint your ideal customers with a laser-beam using the Google Ad platform
  • How you can stand out from competitors in your market who rely heavily on word-of-mouth ways to grow
  • How you can attract a ton of interest and engagement from potential customers through your nonprofit website
  • How to get hundreds, and even thousands of qualified people on your website to engage with your business with ads
  • How you can immediately increase revenue and cash-flow by incorporating a smooth workflow that converts
  • How you can gain more awareness about your products and services by leveraging the ad account effectively
  • How your nonprofit can grow to new heights using the free $10,000 a month in grants (that’s $120,000 a year)

You have the power of a multi-billion dollar company at your fingertips through the Google Ads App.

Connect with us to see if we can help you secure, develop, and monetize the Google Ad Grant program effectively.

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