The Program

The Women On A Mission™ is a 12-week program which is a collaboration between several business, legal, marketing, and technology organizations to deliver an online learning portal that provides women entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge, and resources to build, manage, and scale a successful business.

This new initiative draws on the expertise of highly accomplished business owners, business and legal educators, and even world-renowned marketing experts, among others.

Whether you are a business coach, psychologist, hair-stylist, lawyer, real estate agent, author, blogger, speaker, relationship coach, farmer, musician, artist, app develop or involved in an industry that has empowered you with knowledge and skills – we can help you transform that knowledge into products, courses, services, books, presentations, or masterminds.

More women are turning to entrepreneurship than ever before. More coaches, more CEOs, more advertisers, more engineers, more lawyers, more realtors, and many other industries. Women entrepreneurs are breaking barriers, disrupting industries, and rediscovering their inner potential in the process.

We are on a mission to provide the knowledge, the tools, and the expert guidance you need to turn your gifts into highly-valuable intellectual property. Discover your true potential by enrolling in our business accelerator program – Women On A MIssion™.

You Will Get To Learn & Apply 6 Core Business Strategies

Business Model

You will start by learning about how to structure your business the right way so that you can develop the right solutions that are needed in the market.

Legal Strategies

You will also get to explore the legal strategies and forces that impact your small business and how you can protect your business from all sides.

Marketing Strategies

The next step is to dive into your marketing strategy and develop a way to integrate social and digital ads to enhance your brand.

Technology Strategies

Next, you will have the opportunity to explore which technologies you need in your business and how to power your business with these tools.

Legal Strategies

We will also dive into the different funding options available to small business and nonprofits to determine which ones you can secure and use.

Scaling Strategies

In the final weeks, you will get to work on partnerships, joint ventures, seminars, webinars, automated sales sequences & other scaling strategies.

More Revenue. More Impact. More Freedom.

Popular Business Models With This Program

Start A Knowledge-Based Business

Transform your knowledge and gifts into solutions with the Women On A Mission™ Business Program. Here are different business you can launch or scale with this program:

  • Coaching firm
  • Consulting firm
  • Digital marketing agency
  • Education center
  • Group coaching 
  • Masterminds
  • Workshops
  • Membership programs
  • E-commerce store
  • Clothing store

Start A Podcast

Share your story, educate people, inspire individuals, offer a different perspective & develop a massive following through your podcast.

This is the digital era. More and more people are tuning into podcasts than ever before and it’s an opportunity that’s only going to get better, in terms of technologies and the ease of downloading or streaming podcasts.

Transform your expertise into a digital audio podcast by enrolling in the Women On A Mission™ Business Program.