Helping Women Break Barriers.

We are a nonprofit organization on a mission to empower women empowers with the business knowledge, hands-on training, and financial resources they need to pursue their dreams, break ceilings, and build an extraordinary businesses.

Our goal is to help women build revolutionary, life-transformational, game-changing companies that are fueled with funds and powered by passion.

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Build Your Dream Company

With the amazing technologies that exist in the marketplace, almost anyone can start a business and turn their ideas into reality, in a matter of days. Our goal is to help you understand how to do just that.

Do Good, Feel Good

That’s our core philosophy. We believe that doing good and making money go hand-in-hand, and we encourage our clients, customers, and community members to think in terms of “triple bottom line” – Money, Impact, Environment.

We Help Women Unleash Their Inner Superpowers

It starts with a 100% free consultation to help you create your business plan and give your dreams structure and form. This will enable you to visualize what your future holds and it’s one step closer to your ideal lifestyle.

At the end of the day, our mission to help entrepreneurial-minded women, like you, accomplish your dreams – business, personal, financial, spiritual and physical as well.

We believe that entrepreneurship can help you unleash your true inner potential, and we’re here to help you get there with confidence.



Our goal is to help women across all stages of life and from diverse background accomplish their dreams through entrepreneurship and technology. We identify your financial goals and help you create the business model that can help you get there. 

Our nonprofit’s board members are wives, husbands, sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, and even grandparents. We understand that life is not just about money and work, because there’s much much more in store for all of us. We want to help you build a business that revolves around YOUR schedule, around YOUR family’s schedule – not the other way around (your life revolves around your work or job). 

We believe that women are the future CEOs, leaders, politicians, and business innovators that are going to advance our races. For thousands of years, women have had to take a back seat and put their goals, gifts, talents and dreams on hold. We are here to change that. We are building a community of women-owned businesses that have the potential to turn in industry leaders.

Our Services To Help You Reach Your Goals

Training & Mentoring

We offer hands-on training workshops and match you with our mentors, who are seasoned business owners, ready to share their insights with you. Our goal is to help you drastically reduce the learning curve and accelerate your progress.

Funding & Resources

We understand that capital and funding are two topics that all small business owners face, at almost all stages of growth. That’s one of the reasons why we have invested a significant amount of time and resources to connect our clients with the right sources of capital to fuel their entrepreneurial mission.

Get A Free Assessment

Simply fill out the form and one of our business experts will be happy to help walk through your financial, business, and entrepreneurial goals and carve out an action plan that can be put into effect immediately.